Code of Conduct

All volunteers sent from Travelteer to placements in Sri Lanka are asked that they adhere to the following code of conduct:

  1. Volunteers must report to the senior person in charge at the beginning of their working day. At the programmes, they must sign in and out (kept by the designated programme coordinator) and present a photocopy of their identification to the appropriate member of staff.
  2. Volunteers must not arrive at any placement under the influence of alcohol or any other substances. It is at the discretion of any supervisor to send volunteers home if they believe them to be unfit to work.
  3. If volunteers are ill then they must contact their volunteer coordinator.
  4. There is a NO SMOKING policy for all volunteers whilst they are working. (Volunteers may NOT smoke outside the gates of any placement – please note, it is ILLEGAL to smoke on the street in Sri Lanka).
  5. Volunteers must be respectful of every individual they come into contact with during their time at the programmes, tour and other placements. It is important that volunteers respect all cultural differences in care and teaching practices whilst working in these environments.
  6. Volunteers must always ask permission of either the teacher or person in charge if they are to initiate any activity with the children or young people.
  7. Volunteers will be regarded as an ambassador for Travelteer during their stay, and will work and act in a manner that promotes and enhances Travelteer and the Travelteer Foundation. Whilst on or off duty no word, action, attitude or behavior on their part could bring the good name of Travelteer into disrepute.
  8. Volunteers will endeavor to work effectively as a team member, working in partnership with other volunteers and always supervised by staff, ensuring children’s needs come first. Once their given hours are over, volunteers should leave the premises.