Click apply and book yourself in for a phonecall with one of our team! We will run through the programme with you and explain everything in detail.

What equipment do I need to bring for my programme?

You do not have to bring any specific equipment – however please feel free to bring along any spare books, pens, pencils and anything else you would usually find in a classroom!

What clothes do I need to bring for my programme?

When you go into schools you will always need to cover your shoulders and knees. This could be t-shirt and trousers. The lighter the material the better!!

Do I need any specific skills?

A background in teaching and/or study English language is always a great help! Even if it’s your first time teaching we can always help with the support in the classroom.

Shall I bring donations?

Any donations are massively appreciated non-matter how big or small.

When can I Volunteer?

You can join our team in Sri Lanka any time you like! We run all year round! Our busier periods are in January, Easter and Summer.

How many hours do I work a day?

Usually from 5-7 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

How many volunteers will be on my programme?

It all depends on when you come. You could be working with anywhere from 3 – 15 other volunteers. Our busier times are during the summer months, with quitter ones being at the start of the year.

Can I volunteer with friends?

Yes! You can volunteer alongside your friends, on the same projects and even share the same room!

Do I need a DBS?

Yes! As you will be working with children you will need to get a DBS check. We accept DBS checks that are within the past 2 years. If you need a new one you can get it through our website. www.travelteer.co.uk/dbs


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