Travelteer provides all volunteers with breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. At the weekends we just provide breakfast, as volunteers are often out exploring for the day! We serve traditional Asian cuisine and the food is awesome! We feel that it’s part of the experience to try new food!



Travelteer provide breakfast every morning at the Volunteer House! Throughout the week there is a range of continental breakfast options including; toast, eggs, yogurt and fruit. There is also the option to try a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast usually consists of dhal and string hoppers! We provide morning drinks such as tea and coffee. All the breakfast is ‘self-service’ which you will be able to help yourself to before you leave for your programme. 


We deliver your lunch to you while you’re volunteering! We provide a range of options from roti’s (a flat bread containing stir-fried vegetables with eggs and spices) fried rice packets, sandwiches, egg hoppers (a type of pancake made with rice batter and coconut milk). 


Returning from the programme, Dinner is served in the evening usually around 7pm. Everyone in the guesthouse eats together! Dinner is usually consisting of vegetable, fish or chicken curry, rice, coconut sambal and roti’s. Not to worry if you aren’t a big fan of curry, we can always provide a simple western alternative.

How many meals do I get a day?

From Monday to Friday you get 3 meals a day. At the weekends, we just provide breakfast.

Is there a Vegetarian/ Vegan option?

Yes! A lot of the meals we serve are suitable to vegetarians and vegans already. If we have meat dishes we always serve a vegetarian or vegan option.

I have a dietary requirement/ allergy?

That’s not a problem – just make sure the team is aware!

What if I don’t like the food?

We won’t let you starve! We will supply a western alternative for anyone who is really struggling with the Sri Lankan diet. Just speak to one of the team and they will arrange a meeting so we can find out what works for you!

Are their restaurants in the area?

Yes! In the local town, there are all types of restaurants for you to try out at the weekends. You can find Gourmet Burger restaurants, an Italian, Sea food restaurants on the beach ….and lots of local restaurants.