How to apply to volunteer in Sri Lanka

The first step is to decide which programme suits you. Simply, click on the ‘Volunteer’ section which is displayed in the task bar. You will now see the four programmes available. Please select the programme where you wish to volunteer.

After reading all the information, the next thing to do is register! If you scroll down to the bottom of the programme’s page you will see the button ‘Apply Now’. An application form will pop up which needs filling in! Don’t worry there’s only a couple of question but it’s important that we get as much information from you at this stage.

If you would like to go on our tour, please tick the box. All our volunteers get a discount! This is a great opportunity to meet other volunteers and have an adventure of a life time!

After completing the application, please click ‘Apply Now’! 

You now need to pay the registration fee of £155. This fee covers our UK operation and administration costs. The registration fee ensures your place on the programme and you will also receive a volunteer pack consisting of the following:

  • The Travelteer "Survival" Guide
  • Programme Booklet
  • Travelteer T-shirt
  • Travelteer wristband

So once you have registered, we will review your application within 48 hours. If you are successful, you will receive a ‘programme acceptance letter’ to your email. Don’t worry, if for any reason your application is not successful then we will refund you a 100% of your registration fee. We will then post your volunteer pack!

Time to start fundraising… 

Now, that you have been accepted onto the programme it is time to start fundraising! We have included in the volunteer pack everything you need to know from setting up a Just Giving page to fundraising ideas!

We were students ourselves once and know that you guys aren’t made of money! That’s why we let you pay the remaining balance of your trip in instalments. Please see the fund raising & fee’s section for more info on the break down!

Still undecided? 

Why don’t you request more information and let one of our team get in touch and answer any questions you may have. The request button is found to the right of the 'Apply Now' button.