During the colonial period, large areas of indigenous rainforest were cleared for tea plantations. Since independence, these plantations have been nationalised and returned to the Ministry of Forestry and Environmental Department.

However, over the last half a century during the restoration of the rainforest, the planting of non-indigenous pine trees has had an adverse effect on the eco-system resulting in a further reduction of wildlife and indigenous plants. Through our replantation project we aim to help regenerate the rainforest in the Southern
district to its original state.

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We work in three rainforests located in the Southern province. You will transport the young trees and plant them in designated plots. It is very important to tag and photograph your work. We then feed all this on to our database.

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We run our own tree nurseries to grow indigenous plants & trees which then plant in the rainforest. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the nursery and duties such as collecting seeds, replanting seedlings and daily watering.

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Volunteers also help with maintaining existing sites, monitoring plant growth and conducting wildlife surveys. We monitor closely the populations of indigenous wildlife with the hope of increasing their numbers.