Our Philosophy on Volunteering and Travel

Travelteer brings an innovative concept that is at the forefront of responsible travel and ethical volunteering. We understand the importance of utilising volunteer’s skillsets to provide support for our high impact programmes in Sri Lanka. Using our unique model we can offer volunteers access to our programmes with 100% of their money fund raised going directly to the cause. Not only can Travelteer offer life changing volunteering but the opportunity to explore and travel!

We believe our philosophy to blend awe-inspiring adventure with high impact volunteering while maintaining a safe, social environment creates the ultimate experience…

Behind the concept

The overseas volunteering sector has seen a massive growth in the last decade. Such expansion has led to the development of  “call centre run” organisations profiting from the good will of volunteers. This has led to exploitation of not only volunteers, but importantly the very people they are claiming to help.

Many organisations are not transparent on their breakdown of cost to you as a volunteer. In many cases, only a small percentage of money you give reaches the designated projects. The majority being profited by the organisations themselves. In addition, many organisations have minimal (if any) involvement with their volunteering projects but use suppliers to turn the project into a profit making commodity. This has a detrimental effect on both the projects (not getting long term support) and the volunteers (not utilising their skills) often leading to a negative impact for both.

This got us thinking…

“Why isn’t there a transparent model that can maximise both the support for a cause and the experience for the volunteer?

Where volunteer programmes have full involvement making a positive impact from grassroots to national level..

And why not throw some adventure into the mix?

After all, Sri Lanka is waiting to be explored!”

This is why Travelteer was born…..

Travelteer strips away the often misleading jargon to offer an ethical, affordable, transparent service that offers high-impact volunteering with the opportunity to go on an adventure! We are partnered with government authorities & NGO’s in Sri Lanka to create programmes that operate at a local level whilst having an impact nationally. Our programmes are designed to fully engage volunteers to ensure their skills are utilised to maximise benefits for both the volunteer and the projects.