The best 3 weeks of my life! Such amazing people, views and activities!
— Georgia Holt
Once in a life time opportunity not to be passed up, fabulous scenery, people and experiences.
— Joshua O'Neill
Had the best time volunteering and met the best people! Will defo be doing it again !
— Chardae Gill-Anderson
This summer (2017) I went on the coast 2 coast tour and took part in the Marine and Wildlife Program and had the best time of my life. Everything about the country is so beautiful and the people are the kindest people I’ve met anywhere in the world. The tour is jam packed with activities that keep you laughing for the entire week and the volunteering offers once in a life time opportunities that really make you feel like you’re making a positive difference. All the staff at Travelteer house are super friendly and incredibly dedicated to the programmes. This trip is not only great fun but also teaches you an awful lot about yourself and about people as a whole, Sri Lanka really does become your second home.
— Natasha Basham
Spent 2 weeks in Sri Lanka as a part of Travelteer’s English development programme and it was honestly one of the most amazing things I probably ever do in my life.It was incredible experience and made even better by the other volunteers and Travelteer team. Thanks for having me and would love to come back !
— Thái Mỹ Phượng
I had a brilliant time volunteering with travelteer in Sri Lanka! I would whole heatedly recomend the experience to anyone looking to volunteer abroad, particularly if you have never done it before as the staff at travelteer do a great job of making the experience as enjoyable as possible.
— George Smith
Best thing I’ve ever experienced would 100% recommend going out and volunteering with these guys. Great group of people, get to make so many friends and make awesome memories.
— Sam Peace
Had the best 3 weeks volunteering with Travelteer, one of the best things I’ve ever done, Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country and would recommend to anyone ! Great company and met so many amazing people, would happily go back next year!
— Aaliyah Burns
Had the best experience in Sri Lanka with travelteer! Definitely recommend it and wouldn’t think twice about going again!
— Laura Formon
One of the best experiences I have ever had. The helping and chillin included. Top top top, very good and nice and cool and all the synonyms that relate!
— George Hattersley
I spent 3 weeks throughout July in Sri Lanka with Travelteer, this truly was an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity. The diversity of the activities that we did really showed and exposed us to all the different sides to Sri Lanka, with the culture, food and bio-diversity. The 3 weeks were split into different sections. The first week was a full tour across the full island, exploring the hidden history and outstanding beauty across Sri Lanka wherever you go. The 2nd week we all participated in a Marine and Conservation programme where we got to take part in a range of activities from tree planting to rejuvenate the rain forest to volunteering out at a local Turtle Hatchery. The final week we helped out with the local school children running sport activities.
The whole 3 weeks was amazing, I can guarantee that you’ll come back from this trip a changed person, the people are lovely, the food is delicious and the scenery is outstanding. If you get the chance to go, grasp it with both arms as you won’t regret it.
— Toby Carter
BEST TRIP YOU WILL EVER GO ON🌏✈️ I went to Sri Lanka with Travelteer for 1 month volunteering on the Textiles programme and I also did the Coast to Coast tour! The travelteer family are honestly the friendliest people and I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend the Coast to Coast tour- great value for all the incredible places you visit and Kallum your driver is a legend! Travelteer house is loads of fun, socials and the food is the best you will have. The Textiles programme is so rewarding and the women you teach are the loveliest and make the best cups of tea!
Most amazing experience you will go on! So go.. xx 😊
— Cat Elvin
One of the best things I have ever done!!! Such an amazing opportunity with so many new things to experience! Would 100% recommend Travelteer to anyone thinking of travelling to Sri Lanka
— Rachel McBride
The most amazing experience would recommend to anyone, brilliant company and wouldn’t think twice about going back!
— Jennifer Douglas
Had a super incredible time, people were lovely and the place was even better. Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking of doing some volunteering.
— Charlotte Levett-Ward
Such an amazing organisation, had such a good time and met lots of fab people. Would recommend to anyone
— Harriet Salmon
What a place! Had an amazing three weeks in Sri Lanka with travelteer, the tour was mega and the marine and wildlife programme was unreal. Would definitely recommend to anyone to get involved ✌🏼
— Anneliese O'Toole
Had the most amazing month in Sri Lanka with Travelteer, and couldn’t have asked for a greater group of people to have experienced it with! Will definitely be going back!
— Megan Forster
Had a great time and would love to go back!
— Zoë Cohen
I had the most amazing three weeks in Sri Lanka. The views are incredible, the people are so friendly and Travelteer was great and I would definitely recommend it!
— Darcy Wakefield
Had an amazing time! Would definitely recommend!
— Gina Foster
Having just got back to England after spending three weeks in Sri Lanka I can’t wait to get back on the plane and return! I met the most incredible people, some of whom I will definitely be staying in contact with. If you’re considering joining Travelteer, I would highly recommend you stop debating and just do it, as it’s one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have in your life. The Travelteer team over in Sri Lanka will ensure you have a smile on your face every day (as other reviews have said watch out for Ruchie, Nalin and Anushka they will have you in fits of laughter at times!) and the locals are all extremely friendly. The Chefs provide amazing food and even if you don’t do the English or Sports programmes as I did, you’ll definitely come across the happiest of children. A truly unforgettable experience.
— Lauren Brockwell
Brilliant, I wish I could have stayed for longer, a truly amazing experience
— Will Jakes
I spend 2 month with travelteer in Sri Lanka and really enjoyed the time. I learned so many things about such a completley different way to live in such a completley different country and of course I learned so much about myself and nobody can take this experience away from me. I made the textile & design programm because I’m a tailor and very interested in new ideas and designs. I can just recommend this opportunity to help people, learn so much and have simultaneously a wonderful time under palmtrees!
— Jule Butzweiler
I had the most amazing month in Sri Lanka with Travelteer. I volunteered for three weeks as part of the Marine and Wildlife and English language programmes and also did the Coast 2 Coast tour. It was an incredible experience and cant thank Travelteer enough and would 100% recommend it to everyone :)
— Bronté Daisy Barratt
An amazing company, big enough to make a difference, smsll enough to actually care - i love that the organisers are directly involved in everything and get to know every single volunteer. They do a crackibg job! I will be going back :)
— Fiona Louise Baker
I had the most incredible 3 weeks in Sri Lanka volunteering on the marine and wildlife programme. The travelteer team were great and the country is beautiful. It was such a rewarding experience and I have made memories to last a lifetime! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!
— Amelia Harford
I spent a month in Sri Lanka on the Marine and Wildlife program and it was one of the most amazing and unforgettable experience of my life. Would definitely recommend to everyone!
— Toby Vries
Had the most unreal time out in Sri Lanka with Travelteer. I initially was doing 3 weeks, the tour and 2 weeks volunteering, and ended up staying an extra week because I loved it so much. Would definitely urge anyone thinking of doing it, to do it as you’ll have the best time and make some unforgettable memories.
— Tasha Smits
I would highly recommend touring and volunteering with these guys! I’ve had the most amazing, fun experience and wish it could have lasted much longer. The charity draws to itself really beautiful and dedicated people, and the programs they run have huge impacts on everyone involved as well as the environment. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with the most amazing people, and with lots of fun and inspiring things to do! I can’t wait to come back, I’m working on my Sinhalese already! :)
— Rae D Ants
The most amazing experience! Every single person who worked for the charity was so dedicated and passionate. We were looked after really well and felt very safe. Beautiful country and lovely people! Would recommend to anyone who is unsure!
— Julia Chan
Amazing opportunity! Loved loved volunteering in the schools and you see so many amazing views on tour! Had a sick time :D
— Emily Crawford
Such an amazing experience, would definitely go again and recommend to anyone and everyone
— Katie Thomas Lacroix
I was luckily enough to spend 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, the first week was the adventure tour which was amazing!!!! Then I stayed for the English Development Programme for 2 weeks. Honestly one of the best thing I have ever done and 100% recommend Travelteer to everyone!!!!!
— Bethany Rose
Unforgettable experience, the most amazing month ever! Such passionate people to work alongside and a fantastic well run organisation that has its heart at helping the environment and the people who live within it. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to put something back into the world and have a benificial and incredible time.
— Neisha Hill
I had a truly amazing and enlighting experience in Sri Lanka this summer with Travelteer! I would 100% recommend, such a worthwhile and rewarding charity to have been part of, if only for a short period of time! The level of adventure makes it so much more than simply volunteering abroad.
— Renee Panayi
My time in Sri Lanka with Travelteer was absolutely amazing. The projects were rewarding, the people all dedicated and the experience, though hard work, was more rewarding than I could have imagined!
I participated in the Marine and Wildlife programme and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, and the friends I made raved about all the other programmes too!
I can’t speak highly enough about the experience or the people, if you’re considering it don’t hesitate! You won’t regret it
— Kate Williams
Loved my month out in Sri Lanka with Travelteer! Would definitely recommend!
— Mollie Rose Turner
I spent 3 weeks taking part in the English Development programme and I can honestly say it has been one of the greatest experiences! Made even better by the amazing Travelteer team. Thankyou again.
— Laura Chapman
I took part in both the English Development Programme and the 8 day tour during my three weeks in Sri Lanka, both were incredible and made even better by the other volunteers and the Travelteer team. An amazing opportunity and one I would love to do again. Thank you again!
— Laura Dyson
Such an amazing three weeks in Sri Lanka! Would definitely recommend doing it, the programs are fantastic and really rewarding. I loved every minute of the tour. Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country :D
— Wallis Moore
I did a month in Sri Lanka with Travelteer (run by the lovely Laurence’s who take care of you very well). The week of travelling was amazinggg! I have never done so much in a week in my life. You instantly see what a beautiful place it is and how welcoming and lovely the Sri Lankan people are.
I did 3 weeks volunteering of teaching English and also marine and wildlife conservation. Both very different. English teaching was fun, the kids love you and are cheeky, funny but also wanting to learn (although some are just too excited by your presence and are hard to get to listen/ stop playing with your hair/ dangling off your arm). You see how different the schools are there to here in England which is pretty eye opening but so much love goes into the schools from the teachers and everyone involved. Also painted some classrooms which was fun! Marine and wildlife was bladdy hard work, a fair bit of manual labour (which is actually fun to do and you feel you’ve earned your dinner!) But there’s also the caring-for-animals side, the turtles are mega cute and if you go to the animal hospital you see some interesting creatures!
Food is amazing, (tour week - be very prepared to be thrown in the deep end with spice!! and very authentic places to eat, u will be slightly out of yr westernised comfort zone) but the volunteer weeks where Chef cooks lunch and dinner, the food is so so nice. I miss it, and Chef.
Hikkaduwa where you stay has a gorj beach, shops v accessible and the house is lovely, all ensuite bathrooms and not too hot - we didn’t use the air con the whole time, just the fan.
One thing I would say is you need around £70 a week extra spending money. Although you get fed in the week, if you want ice creams, snacks and to afford a good meal out on saturday night and also to go out and have a few bevvies, you need extra cash.
Defo recommend going with Travelteer tho! Such a nice time and met wonderful people that became like family and the coordinators who were there when I was, Fraser and Tom, get a shout out for being top bois. Also the Sri Lankan TT team are such good laughs and lovely, helpful people. Big ups to Callum our tour driver who we ended up calling Dad, Ruchie - absolute joker, and chuckle brothers aka Nalin and Anushka.
Thank u for having meeeee :)
— Suzie Butcher