My trip to Sri Lanka was amazing!

I volunteered on the marine and wildlife conservation programme and had the best experience of my life. The people I met out there were so lovely and even still talk to them now. I got the chance to help turtles by cleaning their tanks and them and also got the chance to feed them, plus helping to plant trees in the tree nursery which were tagged to that their growth can be tracked. Also did beach and river cleans, which was amazing as we could see the difference we had made by just clearing the rubbish and also got information on the surrounding environment. Additionally to volunteering trips over the weekends could be arranged and I managed to go sunset canoeing and white water rafting which was possibly the best experience as the people that took the group were so friendly and energetic. I have travelled to many places and can honestly say I fell in love with Sri Lanka and the experiences and adventure I got to have thanks to Travelteer! Will definitely be going back :) 

- Krystal Howard

I couldn't have asked for a better and more welcoming organisation

Where do I start, couldn't have asked for a better and more welcoming organisation to share my great experiences with. Travelteer had picked a couple of amazing Locals who help out day in day out who helped make the trip. They organised some amazing days out, seeing elephants and sharing Sri Lankan New year with a local family!! Taking part in the Marine and Wildlife conservation programme, has given me memories upon memories. I really felt like I made an impact in helping a more rural country and everyone was so happy we were helping it made it all the more rewarding! If you're looking for volunteering work where you come back changed and want to catch the travel bug with amazing people, travelteer is for you! I do request you ask lots of questions, get all the information you need - but apart from that, couldn't fault them!! Thank you all!!

- Luke Mundy

Marine and Wildlife Conservation Programme

I was involved in the Marine and Wildlife Conservation Programme, and it was more than I could have even imagined. Everything was well planned out and we were made to feel secure the whole time. We were part of some incredible activities from planting new native trees in the jungle to looking after and releasing turtles. It was such an amazing experience and I made some amazing new friends. I would definitely want to do a return trip and would recommend it to everyone.

- Courtney Gale

My trip to Sri Lanka in April was amazing!!

My trip to Sri Lanka in April was amazing, I experienced so many new things while I was out there that I thought I would never get to do in my life. I got to meet so many amazing people that do some amazing work for the wildlife and the community. It was amazing working with the turtles and to help the turtle hatchery build a new tank for the turtles to have more space to swim about in and that they will be able to be released back into the ocean.

- Jessica Mee

Marine & Wildlife Conservation

Myself and 5 other friends, travelled out to Sri Lanka to participate in the Marine & Wildlife Conservation program. We had the opportunity of nursing injured turtles and taking care of them by cleaning their tanks, feeding them and cleaning them, we also managed to release some baby turtles into the ocean. The money that we raised for the charity helped the hatchery to build a new tank for turtles which the owners were very grateful for.  We also managed to bath, feed, and play with an elephant named lily which was a group decision made by the volunteers to do, however, Travelteer arranged the event and made it possible. During the trip we also got the chance to go into the forest and plant trees which were later tagged and given coordinates too. Every day was filled with activities for us to do including a tour which was separate from the program however the group was still altogether. Once we had finished volunteering each day, Travelteer would try and give us fun activities to do such as going to the beach, visiting cultural/historical areas and trying the restaurants that are local to the guest house. The people we met were very welcoming and spoke very good English so we were able to meet and socialise with new people. The volunteering was hard work but we all motivated each other and kept the banter flowing to help us soldier on in the heat.

- Chelsea Elkins 


From transporting and planting trees in the jungle, cleaning and feeding baby turtles on the white sand beaches, to white water rafting, riding and cleaning an elephant, my first time outside Europe was an experience I will take with me forever. It was amazing to see how big an impact all our hard work made for the people and environment of Hikkaduwa. Spectacular views of the sunset, friendly locals, and amazing individuals from all over the UK to share the experience with, couldn’t ask for more. 

- Chris Fields 

Textiles & Design!

My trip to Sri Lanka was an incredible experience! I was originally only supposed to stay for two weeks but because I was enjoying my time helping set up the Textiles programme, I extended my stay for another week. I felt lucky to have the opportunity to do something I love and to share my time and Knowledge with the wonderful ladies at Manacare. They always had a smile on their face and made me feel more than welcome every day! The whole experience was amazing; Hikkaduwa is great location for young volunteers as it is by the beach with lots of nice shops and restaurants. The volunteer house was very homely and clean, Anola, the lady who owns the house is a charming dear, who is very welcoming. The chef is a lovely gentleman who cooks delicious, traditional Sri Lankan meals. Ruchi, and the two Laurence’s are a pleasure to work with as they are always extremely helpful and easy to approach. 

- Lucy Gibson

English Development Programme

I had always wanted to volunteer abroad. I know there are a lot of different organisations out there, so I knew I had to choose carefully. The level information Travelteer could give me and the time they took to consider my strengths and how I could be involved in the project was the first sign. The second deciding factor was the price. I know some organisation charge a small fortune for volunteering with very little going to the cause! Travelteer prices are the lowest I could find after searching the web. The other thing was how transparent they are. They are able to break down all costs and all the money that you fund raise goes directly to their charity ‘travelteer impact’, which then is used to support and improve the projects! The English programme its self is coherent and effective and I felt that in my short time I was able to really make an impact! I will be definitely going back and hopeful as a co-ordinator in the near future!

- Eliza

Travelteer Xmas volunteering

Amazing!!! My friend & I went out to teach English at schools in Sri Lanka. I have already done my TEFL and worked at other volunteering projects before. But Travelteer English Programme is the best project I have ever done. I was able to work alongside my friend in the same schools and the support given by Travelteer co-ordinators was amazing. All the schools were really grateful and helpful. They even put on a leaving party when we left!!

- Amy Slate

Wildlife Conservation & Tour

Wow!! What can I say? The tour was fantastic. The group was really cool and the sights were unreal! The tour guide, Chaminda really looked after us and knew everything there was to know! I had such amazing time. The majority of my group went on to volunteer at the wildlife conservation, so we were already a tight group. The week is pretty action packed but you feel really involved and its great working as a team. Remember your mossy spray for the jungle!!!

- Christina 

Experience of a life time!!

I went out to Sri Lanka to volunteer at Christmas! I can honestly say that I had the most incredible experience! Going with Travelteer was the right choice! They prepared everything before I left (visas, background checks) and gave excellent support to make sure I got the right flight for the best price! The volunteer handbook they send you is really useful as well. There is literally everything you need to know from start to finish about your whole trip. I decided to do their Marine & Wildlife Conservation programme. I worked deep in the rain forest replanting indigenous trees and worked in small groups at their turtle hatchery! The programmes are really well structured and well organised! Another highlight was the social side. Travelteer accommodation is great and the food is awesome. I made some great friends and will be definitely going back next year (maybe even the summer)!

- Rebecca Smith

Sports Development programme

I decided to take part in Travelteer’s Sports Development programme as well as go on their adventure tour! The tour was epic! The group I was put with were all the same age and we got on really well! We went to lots of different national parks and even swam with sharks! In those 8 days I saw 10 times as many things as I would usually see on a normal holiday. It was really nice to do that first before volunteering. Once the tour, finished we start volunteering. The sports programme is really good. We worked at two schools for the two weeks I was there. I coached the two schools football teams. I even arranged matches with other local schools. The input I got to have was amazing. I have even laid the foundation for a local school football league! Best experience to date!!!

- Jon Roberts