English Development Programme

I had always wanted to volunteer abroad. I know there are a lot of different organisations out there, so I knew I had to choose carefully. The level information Travelteer could give me and the time they took to consider my strengths and how I could be involved in the project was the first sign. The second deciding factor was the price. I know some organisation charge a small fortune for volunteering with very little going to the cause! Travelteer prices are the lowest I could find after searching the web. The other thing was how transparent they are. They are able to break down all costs and all the money that you fund raise goes directly to their charity ‘travelteer impact’, which then is used to support and improve the projects! The English programme its self is coherent and effective and I felt that in my short time I was able to really make an impact! I will be definitely going back and hopeful as a co-ordinator in the near future!

- Eliza