Marine & Wildlife Conservation

Myself and 5 other friends, travelled out to Sri Lanka to participate in the Marine & Wildlife Conservation program. We had the opportunity of nursing injured turtles and taking care of them by cleaning their tanks, feeding them and cleaning them, we also managed to release some baby turtles into the ocean. The money that we raised for the charity helped the hatchery to build a new tank for turtles which the owners were very grateful for.  We also managed to bath, feed, and play with an elephant named lily which was a group decision made by the volunteers to do, however, Travelteer arranged the event and made it possible. During the trip we also got the chance to go into the forest and plant trees which were later tagged and given coordinates too. Every day was filled with activities for us to do including a tour which was separate from the program however the group was still altogether. Once we had finished volunteering each day, Travelteer would try and give us fun activities to do such as going to the beach, visiting cultural/historical areas and trying the restaurants that are local to the guest house. The people we met were very welcoming and spoke very good English so we were able to meet and socialise with new people. The volunteering was hard work but we all motivated each other and kept the banter flowing to help us soldier on in the heat.

- Chelsea Elkins