Conducting market research is paramount when designing a new product! It is important for you to understand whether new products would have demand and that the market is not already saturated. By visiting local boutique shops around the Galle area, you will be able to gain great inspiration but at the same time learn the market!


We will need you to source new fabrics and materials for our products. This requires you going on a day trip up to Colombo! You will get the train from Hikkaduwa and head to Pettah floating market. Here you will find a plethora of fabrics from silk to Sri Lankan batik.

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Bring your own ideas to life. There are endless possibilities of products that you could design and create. Remember, the main target audience is tourists. So, think about what would appeal to yourself if you were on holiday!

Your knowledge of western styles and designs will help bring innovative ideas. This is a fantastic opportunity to be creative in a cultural setting completely different to your own. This working environment can be challenging yet ultimately rewarding, to know that your product has helped to make a difference is a remarkable achievement.