Every morning one of our team will come and collect you from the volunteering house and take you to whichever project you are volunteering at that day. Pick up is usually at 8.30am, but can vary depending on the distance of the project.

Once you have finished your volunteering for the day you will be picked up and taken back to the volunteer house ready for dinner. We offer transport to and from the projects every week, from Monday to Friday. You will be driven by minibus, car or tuk tuk!

Airport Transfer

We can provide airport transfer from the Aiport to the volunteer house and back at the end of your volunteering.

  • £30 pp – shared airport transfer with other Travelteer volunteers.
  • £60 pp – Private airport transfer.

If you are on the Coast 2 Coast Tour you get a free airport transfer on arrival!


Weekend Transport


There are many ways to get around in Sri Lanka. Buses provide the cheapest and easiest means of local transport. Buses run frequently along Galle Road between Colombo and Mirissa, costing Rs. 150 – 180 for a standard bus, or Rs. 250 – 300 for a private air con.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk tuks (three wheelers), are a quick and relatively cheap option for short, private journeys. Tuk tuks can be picked up from all train and bus stations and there are often many situated outside guesthouses and junctions in the tourist areas. Do ensure the driver understands your destinations and agree a price before starting your journey. Some tuk tuk drivers will try to convince you into taking a tour to a local attraction or two, but will happily take you on your designated journey if you are firm!


Train is the quickest and cheapest form of transport for many journeys across the country. Always try to take an Express train where possible, as the slow trains can stop at every village and add hours to your journey!


You are required to have an international driving licence to drive a motor vehicle in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s roads can be dangerous and we don’t recommend you driving motor vehicles. Tip: Be careful when renting out vehicles such as motor bikes from vendors. Most require your passport as a deposit and many problems can occur getting your passport back especially if your bike is damaged!