Travelteer Impact is a non-profit charity created to help support our projects in Sri Lanka.

Charity No: 1168026

Travelteer Impact is designed to give you as a Volunteer the opportunity to help support your chosen project. 100% of your fundraised money goes directly to our projects. Travelteer Impact gives you a voice. You will help us to decide how your fundraising is used by giving direct input to identify what is needed to develop the project for the future. 


Our Purpose

Travelteer Impact empowers under developed communities and their environments around the world. This is achieved by partnering with, or creating, projects that provide long-term support for the advancement of education and wellbeing.

Our Aims

1. To unlock potential of under privileged children in rural communities. 2. To rehabilitate and regenerate local environments. 3. To protect and re-populate wildlife. 4. To supply skilled volunteers to develop sustainability of projects.

Sustainability and Impact in Sri Lanka

Travelteer Impact works with the local community by empowering, sustaining and further developing partnered and newly formed projects. We aim to unlock potential of children to create a positive impact on their lives by empowering them through education whilst ensuring maximum support is given. To ensure sustainability Travelteer Impact will provide long term provisions to all projects by firstly reinvesting raised funds for future development. Secondly (where required), volunteers will help teach and train the local community to ensure continuity of the programme.

Project Criteria

Travelteer Impact creates or partners with projects that are aligned to the charity’s purpose. These meet the following criteria: 1. The partnered or created projects must help relieve poverty and improve the lives of the local communities. 2. The projects must be seeking and need aid or support from NGO's. 3. The projects engaged must be non-for-profit.

100% of all the money fundraised goes towards helping support and sustain our projects.

Where Does The Money Go?

100% of all raised funds are deposited into your chosen projects account with Travelteer Impact.
The projects we work with are often under-developed and there is much need for even basic facilities. Here you can see what your fundraising can provide and why it is vital for our projects:
• Facilitating programmes - Providing local employment for coaching, teaching and continuity of programmes.
• School facilities & equipment - Toilets, stationary, desks, books.
• Sports facilities & equipment - Renovation of playing fields, footballs, cricket bats, netball and goal posts.
• Project specific equipment - Spades, protective clothing, rubbish bags.
• Building maintenance - Fixing structural damage, ensuring water supply.
• Turtle hatchery facilities & equipment – Water pumps and tanks.
With your input we donate equipment and facilities where it is most needed to ensure that we make a positive impact.

How Can I Make an Impact?

Travelteer want to hear what you think.
Throughout the programme we ask your volunteer team to report and monitor the areas of the projects which are in need of our help.
When the volunteering programme is completed, you are given the opportunity to have your say on how your raised funds should be distributed. We ask you to provide feedback on facilities and equipment that are needed for their programme.
We value our volunteers. You can provide key information to ensure the funds create the highest impact possible!

How Much Should I Fundraise?

Travelteer volunteers are required to raise a minimum of £150 for two weeks volunteering. If you wish to extend your volunteering you will be asked to raise an extra £75 per week (to a maximum of £300). However, the more money raised the higher the impact we can have on the project. Travelteer will help you with the challenge of fundraising!

Just Giving Page

Just Giving is a really simple and effective way to manage and keep track of your fundraising.
You can create your own page which sends your donations directly to Travelteer Impact. Your friends and family are able to donate easily through the mobile site and even send free donations via text.