Our Mission

Travelteer is committed to empowering local communities in Sri Lanka through its transparent and ethical service to offer long term sustainability and positive impact.

Our Vision

Establishing a bridge to connect volunteering with adventure and give philanthropic support to local communities in Sri Lanka, while creating a social, fun environment resulting in an unforgettable, life-changing experience. 

Our Values

At Travelteer we understand the delicate situation surrounding volunteering and its impacts. Volunteers need to be realistic in what they can offer and appreciate that however well meaning, volunteering may result in more harm than good. That's why our values are at the core of our ethos. 

Provide basic needs first

We understand the importance of ensuring that basic necessities such as food and water are met before conducting our programmes. We support our projects to make sure all have basic needs and adequate facilities.

Support local employment  

We understand that volunteers are secondary and that our projects need long term support to ensure continuity. That's why we employ local staff to run the programmes and offering continuous support all year round!

Against institutionalisation

We do not support the institutionalisation of vulnerable children. Volunteering in orphanages can create a demand for "orphans", thus driving the unnecessary separation of children from their parents.  

Against the exploitation of animals

We do not support or work with any animal projects that are solely created to meet the demand of volunteers such as baby elephant orphanages. Poachers often hired to kill wild elephants and steal their offspring, to supply adolescent elephants for the orphanages.