Exploitation of sea turtles exist in Sri Lanka where many eggs and turtles themselves are traded illegally on the black market. Such activities are inhumane
and have a detrimental effect on the sea turtle population around Sri Lanka.

This project works with a local Sea Turtle centre that aims to protect turtle eggs and release new-borns into the ocean safely. We also have a scheme for fishermen to bring injured turtles that have been trapped in fishing nets into the centre to be rehabilitated and released back into the ocean!

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We have lots of baby turtles ready to be released at the centre. In the evening when the sea is calm we release the turtles back into the ocean

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It is important to monitor newly born turtles growth and injured turtle’s health. We frequently measure and weigh the turtles to keep track of their growth!

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We need volunteers to care for the turtles whilst they are at the sanctuary. Their food varies from sea grasses to crustaceans and fish. The injured turtles may need medicine applying to their injuries.

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Each turtle enclosures needs cleaning every week. This requires you to drain the tanks, clean off the algae and refill with fresh sea water.

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