Volunteer Programmes in Sri Lanka                                    

Marine & Wildlife Conservation Programme

This programme combines four different sub-programmes with the aim to help rehabilitate and conserve the environment and marine life in Sri Lanka. 

  • Duration: 2 weeks - 3 months
  • Location: Galle & Kottawa

English Development Programme

Travelteer’s English Development programme complements the English syllabus used in the Sri Lankan school curriculum. It provides a unique experience for pupils to gain a higher level of English developing key skills such as speaking, reading and writing. 

  • Duration: 2 weeks - 3 months
  • Location: Trincomalee & Galle

Sports Development Programme

The programme works at a “grass roots level" to benefit school children in Sri Lanka by developing and improving their sports ability. Through development and talent identification we hope to provide a route to university via sports for disadvantaged children. 

  • Duration: 2 weeks - 3 months
  • Location: Galle & Trincomalee

Textile & Design Programme

The programme aims to train and educate local women in textile skills and techniques. There is the opportunity for volunteers to design, develop and create new product lines for our partner, Manacare. 

  • Duration: 2 weeks - 3 months
  • Location: Galle District