Teach English in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has one of the highest literacy rates in South Asia, but often rural communities are underfunded lacking the facilities and equipment needed. Two of Sri Lanka’s main sources of income are generated from tourism or remittance (working overseas). Both require the ability to speak the English language. Many rural school children can understand and speak basic words in English. However, their comprehension and conversation skills are undeveloped. 

our volunteering programme

Travelteer’s English Development programme complements the English syllabus used in the Sri Lankan school curriculum. It provides a unique experience for pupils to gain a higher level of English developing key skills such as speaking, reading and comprehension. Both the Sports and English programme are interlinked, encouraging pupils to improve their English language skills alongside sport coaching activities. All the schools we work with are mixed gender and vary from between 60 to 400 pupils. The schools range from primary to high school with children from the age of 6 to 18 years old.

Travelteer aims to set realistic goals and achievements for Sport and English through a personalised programme for individual pupils. Such activity will be monitored and evaluated to maximise the success of the programme and the achievements of the students. Travelteer’s English Programme is able to operate in and out of school hours through it’s after school programme. In school hours the volunteers will act as assistants to the Sri Lankan teachers sharing their skills and experience. 

role of the volunteer:

  • Planning – Volunteers will have their own input in Travelteer’s English development programme by preparing and implementing their own teaching plans. 
  • Teaching – Working in groups of 2+ putting your teaching plans into action! Help support the students and achieve their full potential. 
  • Assisting – Work alongside Sri Lankan teachers and assist them in classes!
  • Reporting – Report all progress and results into the programmes database. This allows us to identify pupils' strengths and weaknesses, so we can focus on key areas of teaching. This ensures continuity of monitoring the pupils' progress which is important when exchanging roles from one volunteer to another. 

Remember the Travelteer team will always be here to lend a hand if you need assistance with any of your roles!


  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Flights
  • Spending money 
  •  Passport – with minimum 6 months to expiry date. 

Skills and expertise required

  • Our programme requires volunteers with skills related to English language and education. These volunteers will focus on more advanced students and their specific goals.
  • However, we need all motivated volunteers to help conduct the programme for “early stage” pupils. So, as long as you’re enthusiastic we will have plenty for you to do!
  • Aged 18 +
  • Criminal background check.

Sustainability and Impact in Sri Lanka

We work closely with the Sri Lankan Educational Department and our partner SPEED to create a long term sustainability plan implemented over a five year period. Travelteer works at ‘grass roots level’ but we align ourselves to the governments and SPEED’s national goals and initiatives.

Through our programmes we aim to eventually provide a route to University via scholarships for disadvantaged children from rural communities of Sri Lanka. The money fundraised by volunteers will be used to purchase school equipment and improve the schools facilities. 

Benefit for volunteers

  • Experience - Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and expose yourself to new experiences. 
  • Transferable skills - Learn vital skills that will benefit you in your future career.  
  • Employability - Enhance your CV with degree related experience and set yourself apart from the crowd!
  • Travelteer Veteran- return to the projects as a Team Leader

English Development Programme dates

Duration: 2 weeks +

  • Winter break (8th January 2017 - February 2017)
  • Easter break (March 2017 - May 2017)
  • Summer (Late May 2017 -  September 2017) 

Schools are closed for holidays during the months of December, April and August. During this time our school holiday programme will run with lots of different events and activities happening through the weeks!

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