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How Much Should I fundraise?

We require each volunteer to fund raise a minimum of £75 per week they volunteer. Volunteers who are doing a placement of 4 weeks or more have a maximum required threshold of £300. The money raised enables us to buy equipment and develop the programmes further.
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Where Does The Money Go?

100% of the money raised goes directly to the programme that you volunteer in. The projects we work with are often under-developed and there is much need for even basic facilities.
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Flight Reimbursement

You are entitled to put any money over your required fundraising threshold towards the travel cost of your return flight. This will be reimbursed once the fundraising period has ended. Any surplus money exceeding the cost of your flight will be donated to Travelteer Impact to further our charitable causes.


Just Giving is a really simple and effective way to manage and keep track of your fundraising. You can create your own page quickly, which sends your donations directly to Travelteer Impact. Your friends and family are able to donate easily through the mobile site and even send free donations via text. It is also extremely easy to share your page via Facebook, helping you spread the word about our cause and reach a larger audience of potential donors!
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Step 1

Firstly, visit the website and click 'Start Fundraising' to kick it all off!
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Step 2

Select 'A Charity', Log-in with either your email or Facebook account and then customise and complete your profile.
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Step 3

Next, simply search for 'Travelteer Impact' then select ‘Personal challenge’ and fill in the details. If you have no specific event you can select ‘an appeal for a charity’ as the event type and name your event as ‘Volunteering in Sri Lanka’.
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Step 4

It's time to get fundraising! Share your fundraising page with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.