Marine & Wildlife Conservation

The Marine & Wildlife program combines several hands-on projects that aim to rehabilitate indigenous wildlife and support environmental conservation. If you love animals and don't mind getting your hands dirty - this is the programme for you!

English Development

Working closely in line with the Sri Lankan school syllabus, our English Development program allows volunteers to provide a unique experience for children at local schools - helping develop key skills such as speaking, reading and comprehension. This rewarding and immersive programme will have you volunteering with children of all ages - painting and playing games at Pre-school all the way through to conversational classes with those preparing for university!

Sports Development

The Sports Development Program works at the grassroots level, our aim being to unlock the potential of disadvantaged children through various coaching initiatives and the funding of equipment and facilities. Harness the children's love of sport and make a difference!

Textile & Design

As part of our Textile & Design programme you will assist in a variety of community based projects - helping provide local women with the the textiles training required for them to gain a source of income. This is the go-to program for anyone with design experience and a bit of creative flair!

Mental Health Placement

Travelteer Healthcare Placements work in partnership with both government and private hospitals in Sri Lanka! Our healthcare projects give UK Psychology & Medical students direct access to Sri Lanka's healthcare system, providing insight into both Eastern and Western forms of treatment.
mental health

Community Development (Nepal)

Located in the mountain villages of Nepal, our newest programme helps develop education, infrastructure and agriculture at the base of the Himalayas. Become part of a hands-on team that works on a variety of projects to improve the quality of life for small local communities. This is an incredibly rewarding experience coupled with breathtaking landscapes!
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Medical Elective

Travelteer Medical Electives work in partnership with both government and private hospitals in Sri Lanka! Our healthcare projects give Medical students direct access to the Sri Lanka's healthcare system, providing insight into one of the busiest medical environments in the world. Students will get to work in chosen departments in different healthcare settings alongside Sri Lankan and international medical students.
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Virtual Placements

Join our 12 week virtual placements and conduct research into your choice of Marine & Wildlife Conservation, English Development, Sports development or Textiles & Design!
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